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The Lowmen 
Music Video - The Gallows
Ali Megan Photography & Video - Production includes: Ali Megan, Jesse, Hank and Tyler
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You can feel the testosterone oozing from the members of the Eugene, Ore., band, the Lowmen. The four-piece play a mix of hard rock and outlaw country--taking the ballsiest parts of each genre and smashing them together on each and every one of their songs: heavy riffs, twanging guitars, a driving country shuffle, plus the lead singers has a bit of a Chris Cornell howl about him. Their second album "Redneckronomicon." (AC) Media Images by Ali Megan 2015

BrightSign - 4kreel-CC-Titles-v01-sRs-1080 Flixio Studios PRO - Sean R Saul
Director of Photography Chad Boutin - MakeUp & Hair Styled by Ali Megan
Models: Amber Rider, Alicia Barnett, Alex Kihn-Stang This is a cut down version of the video that Flixio created for BrightSign to showcase the 4k playback capabilities of their new 4K digital siganage player. Flixio produced this video from start to finish working with Oregon based talent and using our RED camera package and full lighting and grip kit at the West Linn paper planet in Oregon City, Oregon.

D4K Busy Schedule Midland Dentistry 4 Kids Mark Tucci / Acting Mom - Ali Megan
Ali Megan Photography, Promo fashion shoot and video production with Creatisa Production Studio for MODA Provocateur Fashion Show 2014 Tucson AZ

Tucson Real Estate & Marketing Consultants - Peter Saavedra - Real Estate Agents & Realtors Photography, MakeUp, Hair, Style by Ali Megan - Models: Maria and Jake Rafus
Video Wall Staging
BrightSign / Flixio / Funnel Box -
Sean R Saul
Productions VideoWall Staging - Director of Photography Chad Boutin - MakeUp and Hair 3 models 12 looks by Ali Megan